109 Things You Don’t Need: A Declutter Checklist

In our quest for a more organized and sustainable lifestyle, it’s essential to reassess how we interact with our possessions. Shocking clutter statistics reveal that the average American home contains about 300,000 items, leading to a cluttered environment.

Not only that, but a significant number of these household items are seldom used either.

This checklist we prepared aims to explore how reducing belongings can lead to not just more space, but also mental clarity and environmental sustainability.

Each item we choose not to own signifies a step away from unnecessary consumption and a step towards a more thoughtful and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Remember, every small decision to not acquire or hold onto an unneeded item contributes to a larger impact on our well-being and the health of our planet.

Let this checklist be a guide to a simpler, more fulfilling way of life!

Declutter Checklist of Items You Don’t Need…and What to Use Instead

Air HumidifierPlacing water basins near radiators or using houseplantsNatural solutions, saves electricity
Air PurifiersHouseplants known for air purifyingNatural solution, adds aesthetic appeal
Aluminum FoilSilicone Baking Mats, Reusable CoversReusable, reduces waste
Bread MakerBaking bread traditionally in an ovenSaves space, versatile
Cable TV SubscriptionStreaming services or digital antennasCheaper, tailored viewing options
Cable/Satellite TV BoxesStreaming devices or smart TVsMore content options, often cheaper
Cotton Balls/PadsReusable cotton roundsReusable, cost-effective over time
Disposable Air FreshenersEssential Oil Diffusers or homemade alternativesLess waste, natural ingredients
Disposable Baking PansMetal Baking Pans or Silicone Baking PansReusable, durable
Disposable BatteriesRechargeable batteriesCost-effective over time, reduces waste
Disposable Cleaning WipesReusable Cleaning Cloths or Old Clothing RagsReusable, reduces waste
Disposable Coffee CupsReusable Coffee Cups or bring your own mugReusable, reduces waste
Disposable Cupcake LinersSilicone Cupcake LinersReusable, cost-effective over time
Disposable CutleryReusable cutleryReusable, durable
Disposable DiapersCloth DiapersReusable, cost-effective over time
Disposable Floss PicksReusable Floss Holder with Refillable FlossReduces plastic waste, cost-effective over time
Disposable Hair NetsReusable Hair NetsReusable, cost-effective over time
Disposable lightersRefillable lightersLonger lifespan, cost-effective over time
Disposable Lunch BoxesOld Containers, Reusable Bento Boxes or Tiffin CarriersReusable, reduces waste
Disposable Oven MittsReusable Fabric Oven Mitts or Silicone Oven MittsReusable, durable
Disposable Piping BagsMetal or Silicone Piping BagsReusable, durable
Disposable Plastic GlovesReusable Rubber Gloves or Wash Hands ThoroughlyReusable, reduces waste, saves money
Disposable PlatesReusable platesReusable, durable, reduces waste
Disposable RazorsSafety razor with replacement bladesLonger lifespan, cost-effective over time
Disposable Shopping BagsReusable shopping bagsReduces waste, more durable
Disposable Shower CurtainsReusable Fabric or Vinyl Shower CurtainsLonger lifespan, easy to clean
Disposable Swiffer PadsWashable Microfiber Mop Pads or Old Clothing RagsReusable, cost-effective over time
Disposable Water BottlesReusable water bottlesReduces waste, saves money
Disposable WipesReusable clothsReusable, reduces waste
Dry Cleaning ServicesHand washing delicate items or using a steamerSaves money, less chemical exposure
Dryer SheetsReusable Dryer Balls or DIY Fabric SoftenerReusable, cost-effective over time
DVD/Blu-ray PlayerStreaming services or digital downloadsReduces physical clutter, offers more variety
Electric Can OpenerManual can openerSaves space, no electricity needed
Electric KnifeTraditional manual knivesEasier to clean, no electricity needed
Electric Pencil SharpenerManual pencil sharpenerNo electricity needed, portable
Electric ToothbrushManual toothbrushLess expensive, no electricity needed
Excess ClothingMinimalist wardrobe, buying high-quality versatile piecesReduces clutter, promotes mindful consumption
Excess Cookware and DishwareKeeping a minimal, versatile setReduces clutter, easier to manage
Excess FurnitureOpting for multi-functional furnitureSaves space, promotes a minimalist lifestyle
Excessive Home DécorMinimalist décor, rotating a smaller number of décor itemsReduces clutter, promotes mindful consumption
Extra Bedding and LinensKeeping a minimal set and laundering as neededReduces clutter, easier to manage
Fax MachineEmail, digital document transfer platformsFaster, more convenient, saves on paper
Gas-powered LawnmowerElectric or manual lawnmowers, or lawn serviceLower emissions, quieter
Greeting CardsMake your own from paper or send virtual cardsPersonalized, reduces waste
Gym MembershipOutdoor exercises, home workout routinesSaves money, offers flexibility
Home Ironing SetSteamer or professional pressing servicesSaves space, often faster and easier
Home PrinterUse of digital documents, nearby print shops or library printersSaves money on ink and paper, reduces clutter
Ice Cream MakerFood ProcessorMulti-purpose appliance
Ice MakerIce trays or buying ice as neededSaves space, no electricity needed
Incandescent Light BulbsLED or CFL bulbsEnergy-efficient, longer-lasting
Landline TelephoneMobile phones or internet-based communicationMore versatile, portable
Landscaping ServicesDIY landscaping or community gardening groupsSaves money, community engagement, personal satisfaction
Large FreezerBuying fresh produce and meats in manageable quantitiesReduces food waste, saves energy
Leaf BlowerRake or manual methodsQuieter, no emissions, physical exercise
Magazines SubscriptionsOnline magazines or library accessReduces paper waste, instant access
Newspaper SubscriptionsOnline news subscriptions or free news websitesInstant access, reduces paper waste
Paper Bills and StatementsElectronic bills and statementsReduces paper waste, easy to organize
Paper Boarding PassesMobile Boarding PassesReduces paper waste, convenient
Paper Coffee FiltersReusable coffee filter or mesh strainerReusable, cost-effective over time
Paper EnvelopesReusable plastic foldersReusable, reduces paper waste
Paper NapkinsCloth NapkinsReusable, cost-effective over time
Paper NotebooksOnline Note-Taking Apps or Digital NotebooksReduces paper waste, accessible anywhere
Paper ReceiptsEmail/SMS/Digital receiptsReduces paper waste, convenient
Paper TissuesHandkerchiefsReusable, cost-effective over time
Paper TowelCloth towels or Old Clothing RagsReusable, cost-effective over time
Paper TowelsReusable cloths or ragsReduces waste, saves money
Parchment PaperReusable, silicone baking matsReusable, cost-effective over time
Personal OrganizersDigital organizers on smartphones or computersAccessible anywhere, easy to organize
Physical BooksE-books, audiobooks, or library borrowingSaves space, portable, often cheaper
Physical Media (CDs, DVDs)Digital music and movie platformsReduces physical clutter, instant access
Physical Photo AlbumsDigital photo albums and online photo storageSaves space, accessible anywhere
Plastic BagsReusable grocery bags, mesh produce bagsReusable, reduces plastic waste
Plastic Bottle scrubbersReusable bottle brushesReusable, durable
Plastic Bubble WrapReusable Packing Material or Old NewspaperReduces plastic waste, reusable options
Plastic Cling WrapReusable Beeswax Wrap or Silicone LidsReusable, reduces plastic waste
Plastic CombsWooden combsDurable, biodegradable
Plastic Food Storage BagsReusable containersReusable, durable
Plastic PensRefillable pensLonger lifespan, reduces plastic waste
Plastic Sandwich BagsReusable sandwich wraps/bagsReusable, reduces plastic waste
Plastic StrawsStainless Steel or Silicone Straws. Or just skip the straw.Reusable, reduces plastic waste
Plastic ToothbrushesBamboo toothbrushesBiodegradable handle, eco-friendly
Plastic Water BottlesReusable water bottleReusable, reduces plastic waste
Plastic WrapBeeswax wraps, glass/stainless steel containers, Re-purpose Old ContainersReusable, reduces plastic waste
Second CarCarpooling, public transportation, cyclingSaves money on insurance, maintenance, fuel
Shoe Shine ServicesDIY shoe shine kitsSaves money, personal satisfaction
Single-function ToolsMulti-purpose tools or multi-function toolsSaves space, more versatile
Single-Use BatteriesRechargeable Batteries or borrow batteries from other devices.Reusable, cost-effective over time
Single-Use Coffee PodsReusable Coffee Pods, Brew Coffee TraditionallyReusable, reduces plastic waste
Single-Use Hand WarmersReusable Gel Hand Warmers, Warm Water BottlesReusable, cost-effective over time
Single-use Kitchen AppliancesMulti-use appliances or manual cooking methodsSaves space, more cost-effective
Single-Use Plastic ContainersGlass or Stainless Steel ContainersReusable, durable, reduces plastic waste
Single-Use Plastic Freezer BagsReusable Silicone Freezer Bags, Old ContainersReusable, reduces plastic waste
Single-Use ProductsAlternative ApproachesReduces waste, promotes sustainability
Single-Use Shower CapsReusable Fabric or Silicone Shower CapsReusable, cost-effective over time
Snow BlowerShovel, manual snow removal or snow removal servicePhysical exercise, no emissions, saves money
Space HeatersImproved insulation or energy-efficient heating systemsMore energy-efficient, long-term solution
Specialty GlasswareMulti-purpose glasswareReduces clutter, more cost-effective
Standalone Alarm ClockSmartphone alarms or smart home devicesMulti-functional, reduces clutter
Standalone CalculatorSmartphone calculator apps or computer softwareMulti-functional, reduces clutter
Standalone CalendarDigital calendars on smartphones or computersAccessible anywhere, easy to update
Standalone GPS DeviceSmartphone GPS appsReduces clutter, multi-functional
Styrofoam PlatesReusable Plates or Biodegradable PlatesReduces waste, eco-friendly options
Tanning Salon MembershipsSun exposure in moderation, or self-tanning productsHealthier, saves money
Tea BagsLoose Leaf Tea with a Reusable Tea InfuserReduces waste, often higher quality tea
Toothpaste TubesToothpaste Tabs or PowderReduces plastic waste, easy to use
Traditional VacuumRobotic vacuums or broom and dustpanSaves time, often quieter
Travel Size ToiletriesRefillable Silicone TubesReusable, reduces plastic waste
Wrapping PaperReusable Fabric Wraps or Recycled PaperReusable, eco-friendly option
Ziplock BagsSilicone Bags or Reusable Fabric Snack BagsReduces waste, eco-friendly options

As we conclude our exploration of the items that are superfluous in our lives, it’s evident that less truly is more.

This journey isn’t just about decluttering; it’s a transformative process towards mindful living and sustainability.

Each item we choose not to own signifies a step away from unnecessary consumption and a step towards a more thoughtful and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Remember, every small decision to not acquire or hold onto an unneeded item contributes to a larger impact on our well-being and the health of our planet.

Let this declutter checklist be a guide to a simpler, more fulfilling way of life.

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